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North Cyprus

North Cyprus Kyrenia


Cyprus is the third largest island in Mediterranean after Sicily and Sardinia. It is 72 km. Away from mainland Turkey and 100 km to Syria. Those countries are the closest to Cyprus. Cyprus is divided into a two since 1974. Turkish Cypriot lives in North and Greek Cypriots lives in South. Turkish people do control 32% of the island and Greek people control 64% of the island rest is the no mans land where the United Nations soldiers do control.


Climate in Cyprus is typical Mediterranean weather. We have long hot dry summers and cool wet winters.


The main income for the people in North Cyprus is tourism because of that in winter unemployment rate do increase and by starting from April it starts to come down. Second main income for the people is agriculture and farming which they located east and west of North Cyprus. Thirdly we can count citrus growing which is located in west coast of North Cyprus.


North Cyprus has low hills and five Fingers Mountain. Highest point of five finger mountains calls selvili tepe which is located over Lapta region. North Cyprus has empty low land as well as they have mountains and high hills. This empty field is called Mesoria Plain and that’s where all the agriculture and farming is located. It is 96 km long and 24km wide. This plain is located between five finger mountains which is located in North Cyprus and Trodos mountains in South Cyprus.


The best beaches in North Cyprus located in East coast near to Famagusta and Karpaz region. Especially if you would like to see untouched beaches where sand, sea and green meets with each other you should visit Karpaz area. There isn’t many beaches in Kyrenia and West Coast of North Cyprus. Turttle Beach and Escape Beach is one the bests in Kyrenia.


Wild life in North Cyprus has lots of variety especially during the immigration time of the birds which is between April to June. During this time especially around the water reservoirs and wet lands you can see lots of different types birds. Also there are three different types of snakes in North Cyprus. Two of those snakes are venomous. Snakes are around by starting from mid March up to early November time.


In North Cyprus people use Turkish Lira for their expenses. But also foreign exchange is accepted in all around of North Cyprus.


There are several big banks in North Cyprus. You can find HSBC Bank, ING Bank, Garanti Bank, Is Bank and local banks for your banking. They do open at 08.30 in the morning and give services up to 16.00 afternoon without any break. Best places to change your money are the exchange offices which there are lots of them in city centres of North Cyprus.


Traffic in North Cyprus is exactly same in U.K. driving from left. Only different is people in North Cyprus use km rather than miles. There are lots of speed cameras on the road which signs in km.

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